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Management of delayed graft function

Not all kidneys function immediately and some take a few days or even weeks before functioning.  During this time the aim is to ensure that we are not missing concomitant rejection or other reversible injury during this time.

Day 1 

  • Duplex scan
  • Routine immunosuppression. Aim for low level of tacrolimus (5-7) if low immunological risk.

Day 5

  • If no evidence of improvement then biopsy to exclude rejection.

Day 10-12

  • Repeat Duplex/biopsy.

Treat rejection as per protocol (page 27-28)

  • In cases of prolonged delayed graft function, additional biopsies may be required.
  • If haemodialysis is required, NO ANTICOAGULATION must be used during the first post-operative week.


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