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  • The on-call renal recipient transplant coordinator will receive the offer of a kidney from the duty office of ODT (NHSBT). 
  • Transplant coordinator contacts transplant surgeon and asks for a decision as to whether the kidney should be accepted for the named patient.
  • If the decision has been made to go ahead, then the transplant coordinator contacts the patient’s own local Consultant Nephrologist and the RIE on call Consultant Nephrologist, to ensure that the patient is fit and should be called.


  • Currently DCD kidneys are allocated regionally: one kidney is allocated to the West of Scotland and one to the East of Scotland.
  • Patients are selected according to the ODT ‘local’ allocation match run. The patient at the top of the run is selected. The reasons for any deviation from this selection must be clearly explained to the coordinator, and recorded by them.
  • As the kidney is to remain locally back up patient(s) may be selected in consultation with the local coordinators.
  • It is likely that, within the next 12 months, a national allocation policy will be established for DCD kidneys. The principle of sharing one of the two kidneys will remain, but the area of regional allocation is likely to extend to include the north of England.



Allocation of DCD will be jointly audited by H&I and recipient coordinators who will record how often the above policy was adhered to, reasons for deviations from this policy and the individual making the decision to deviate from the policy.

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