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In-patient management post-transplant


Prescribing - check that these are as intended:


  • Blood tests:
    •  U&E, Ca+P daily
    • FBC daily
    • LFTs, glucose, CRP daily
    •  Tacrolimus level - M/W/F
  • MSU each Monday and at other times if clinically indicated.

Urinary catheter

  • Early catheter replacement/ manipulations should be undertaken by a surgeon. Same applies after the first week if any complications suspected.
  • Urinary catheter removed at day 5 unless directed by transplant surgeon.
  • If a patient develops urinary retention after removal of catheter in the post-operative period it should be replaced as soon as possible. This does not need to be a surgeon if it will cause undue delay.

Delayed graft function

Altered graft function


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